Ready to Grow?

(or - Discipleship - How To Do it?)

Do you want to grow to be a mature Christian? Let's examine where you are in your walk with the Lord, what steps you can take next, and what resources our church provides to help you grow into a mature, reproductive Christian.

Here is some information about this page and its intended use. We do not want you to see this as another discipleship program or click each link and you are guaranteed to be a mature believer. We created this page to give you multiple resources to honestly assess where you are in your walk with Christ and give you the tools to move to the next step of maturity. To simplify where you need to start we have divided growth into 4 different categories or chairs and under each chair we have put resources to help you grow to the next chair. We would like to say thank you to Dann Spader and his book 4 Chair Discipling and Dare2Share ministries for much of this information.

So let's get started! Find out where you are and then move to that "chair" on this page and start reading/clicking links!

At the bottom of this page is links to 4 videos and the handouts to go with them from our discipleship training in January 2016.

How do I know where I am?

We believe that people can be divided into 4 different chairs of people. The Chairs look something like this......

Chair 1 is a person who has never trusted in Christ for Salvation.
Chair 2 is a person who is a "baby Christian." They have recently trusted Jesus as their personal Savior but might be unsure as to how that affects their daily life. They are hungry for more knowledge of the Bible but benefit greatly from spiritual guidance.
Chair 3 is a person in the "teenage years" of Christianity. They have ups and downs, but strive to become a mature believer who is making disciples and multiplying themselves.
Chair 4 is a person who is a "spiritual parent." These people parent other Christians, who are looking to parent other Christians.

Pastor John spent 2 weeks speaking on this topic. When you have some time sit down and listen to an expanded audio version of "4 chairs" to find where you are as a Christian.
      Week 1
      Week 2

Now for the resources. Below we have listed all the chairs and steps in each chair to help you learn where you are and what you can do to grow in your walk.


Chair 1 Resources

Definition: "A person who has never trusted in Christ for Salvation. One somewhere on the scale of I am searching for God or I could care less about God. No matter where you are on the scale you have not ever decided to trust Jesus fully." Check out what this is all about below!

What is the Gospel and why do I need to "trust Christ for salvation"?

Chair 2 resources

• Recently trusted Jesus as Savior
• Know Jesus, but do not know how that affects my daily life
• Hungry for more knowledge of the Bible & my walk with God

Find a mentor for your great journey!
Look for someone who you respect for their Godly walk, who you know is seeking God and spend the time to pump them for information on a scheduled consistent basis. Need help finding someone or dont know what "Godly walk" is? Call your pastor or life group leader for some suggestions. Here are important things to look for in a mentor.

Find out who you are in Christ.
Read Ephesians and Colossians in the Bible Here is a study for both books to help you know who you are in Christ.

Do the "blue book" with your mentor.

              Stop by the church office for yours (free)!

Learn how to effectively and relationally share with others what God has done in your life.

     What is the GOSPEL?  (start here)
     Ask Admire Admit
     How to share your story
     I've shared, NOW WHAT?

Get an easy plan for staying in the bible every day.
     Here is one way, SOAP!

Create time to watch other Christians share their faith and live a Godly life!
To truly get what this is like you have to learn from actual people who are truly living The Cause. Make sure you make time to watch other Christians share their faith and live life in the good times and the bad times!

Ask tons of questions!
I know there are a lot of questions in your life as you are trying to grow in your Christian walk. Ask your mentor questions, ask your pastor questions and here is a great web site to answer even more questions.
A great to place to ask questions is in a life group. One needs to be with others in a life group and they can help with all kinds of questions! (More info on Life Groups)

Chair 3 resources

• Desires to serve in ministry
• Wants tools to spiritually feed themselves throughout the week.
• Needs ways to share the good news with others
• The teenage years of Christianity. They have ups and downs, but strive to become a mature believer who is making disciples and multiplying themselves.

Set aside a daily prayer time for just you and God that is consistent

 an acronym that one could use is...

  • Praise: and thanksgiving to our Lord is important to make sure that we remember that God is big and to remember what He has done in our lives. 
  • Request: There are two parts to request. what are you asking God for in regards to His kingdom growing, people finding Christ, and the cause going out to all the world. The other part of request is asking God for the things we need. Yes God does want to what we need and talk to us about it.
  • Admit: Confess the sin you have done to God. He wants nothing to be between us!
  • Yielding: When was the last time you told God you gave Him control of everything? It is good to remind ourselves and tell God that he is in control of our life every day.

   Make sure you take the time to listen to what the Lord has to say.

  • Here is an awesome Video clip on prayer and listening to God. We must remember that we must take the time to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying back to us. He often will use scripture to show us what He has to say.

   Pastor John gave us great perspective on prayer based on the Lord's Prayer/Model Prayer. Check it out!

Find a place to serve in your church. If you don't have a place to serve come talk to a staff member or your mentor about where you fit and come help us serve the Lord! Do not wait to be asked, because we want to you to come help right now!

After finishing the "blue book," SOAP on your own and join the church on our daily soap
Feeding one's self is really important to spiritual grow as well as physical growth. If you are still struggling then ask your mentor, life group leader or pastor for help!

Read the book 4 Chair Discipling by Dann Spader

  • Here is a great book which gives real life/pratical exeriences on how people used scripture, prayer and the Holy Spirit to grow to maturity and lead others along the same path.
  • You can purchase the book here 

With your mentor, do some outreach where you do the talking/loving/mentoring.
     Here is a great track app to use when sharing

Learn how your mentor has mentored you so you can go do it for someone else.
     Here is a simple plan that can be used by anyone from any place in the bible!

Look for someone to mentor.
     There is a great need for others to grow spiritually. Begin looking for someone that God is calling you to mentor.

Chair 4 resources

• Desires to pass on the lessons entrusted to them
• Invests in other believers to make disciples.
• Participates in Gospel advancing ministry
• Your disciples are making disciples!

Jesus tells us to go and make disciples (Matt 28:19-20).

   This chair allows room on it for two people as we reach back to others in other chairs to share the truths others invested in us.

Continue to Grow in your own personal spiritual life through prayer, bible study, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Fight the desire to feel like you have arrived and are at the end of the journey but go guide another person to maturity.

Make sure you schedule time to mentor others.

     We have to plan to mentor others or we will not have the time to do it.

Pray for others that you might love to Jesus and share what He has given you.

Take the questions you encounter from your new disciple to your own mentor for guidance, direction, and answers.


Session 1 Video   Handout
Session 2 Video   Handout
Session 3 Video   Handout

Session 4 Video


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