Leadership/Elder Committee

Majestic View Church is in a multi-year process of changing from a Leadership managed operation to an Elder led operation.  The current mixed Leadership/Elder Committee for MVC Ministries is comprised of one Elder and two church Leaders.
The purpose of the Leadership/Elder Committee is 3-fold: 

  1. The Committee sets and monitors the budget for MVC Ministries.
  2. They also provide spiritual advice to our pastors on various issues.
  3. Lastly, the Committee helps hold the pastors accountable in their spiritual and everyday walk in life.
In addition, any member of MVC Ministries with suggestions or ideas can bring them to the Committee. Please feel free to contact these men through the church office.

The representatives on the Leadership/Elder Committee for Majestic View Church this year are:
  • Elder Jim Keen
  • Chris Carnahan
  • Pastor Brian Janes

Please be in prayer for these men as the serve the Lord in this capacity.

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