Missions Trips

6/27 we are on our way home and it was a great trip. Your students have shared and cared for so many people. I am so proud of them and their hearts for Christ.  We saw 6 people come to Christ this week including one from our group. You will have to join us at church tomorrow to did out who accepted Christ from our group. We were apart of revitalizing 37 homes and giving families a hand up. Please be praying for all those who heard the gospel for maybe the first time this week. We left at 7 am and will be home between 4 & 5 this afternoon and will be asking students to call home in pueblo to give a good eta. 

6/22 we started working today and so please pray for us as we work in the heat and looking to share our faith. I'm so proud of our kids and their desire to be on mission with the kids around them. They are sharing and caring with every one God has given them to share with. Please pray for the many who our kids are sharing with this week. This is a great week in the making. 

06/20:   We left Kiowa at 12:10 and arrived in Durango tonight to get to see Kate Ross and pizza! It was a great travel day and we are excited to begone our mission tomorrow in Arizona.  Please be in prayer for our group as we travel the last couple of hours and that we will make it to the mission point on time. Thank you to all who have been praying for us and our trip. 

Updates will begin on Saturday evening, June 20th. We are leaving at lunch on the 20th and will arrive in Durango for the night!


We are going to Teec Nos Pos, Arizona June 20th 2015! Here is a link to the page with tons of details for the trip.

A few things to know about the time line for preparing for the trip.

$50 Deposit is due on March 8th & $100 payment on May 10th.

4/12/2015 Student Handout

Parents letter and other information

Packing list 

tool list

Fund Raisers!

1. Mom's Night Out Movie Night  March 14th

2. Spring Cleaning - March 26th 

3. The Laughs Show - May 30th

4. FRV Coupons App sales - (Ongoing)  Find your personal code here!

5. Car Wash - (Date TBD)

6. Yard Sale - June 12th

7. Donations - We are encouraging students to ask those around them to sponsor them for their trip!

         Donation letter in Word form.

         Donation letter in PDF form.

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